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Nearly Useless Dungeon Siege Cheat Code +faertehbadgar

Yes this is a nearly useless code. Getting all the newbie gear pretty much seems like a waste of time. There is one use for it, however, and that is to be able to....

Nope, I'm not giving it away. There is in fact a secret use for the gear but I'm going to make you poke around on the internet some more before you can figure it out (though I have a sneaking suspicion that you already have). In any event this is, in my opinion the single most valuable cheat code that Dungeon Siege has to offer because it actually does something useful without spoiling the game.

Most other cheat codes are just there for fluff or else give your character powers that end up ruining the experience, but this one can actually be very, very useful, and it in no way undermines the game play experience.

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1 comment:

  1. Anonymous2.7.14

    Bit silly to mention it has a secret use but not mentioning what it is.
    I was a beta tester on DS and even I don't recall the badger set doing anything special. I just remember the "of the Badger" prefix increases maximum health?...

    I don't see any other page on the net mention what you have mentioned...