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Dungeon Siege Cheats +potionaholic

Ok, if you need a potion quick and don't want to run back to the nearest store Dungeon Siege allows you to use the potionaholic code.

From the console type "+potionaholic"

You will get 3 super mana potions and 3 super healing potions.

Not the most broken cheat code for Dungeon Siege, but one that can be used to save a bit of time without ruining the game play experience.

Purists will of course scoff at the use of any cheat in any game, but this one is more of a time saver than a cheat. It doesn't really get you any money, and won't save you from death in most cases, but it can save you a bit of time because you won't have to run back to town every other second.

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Dungeon Siege Cheats +rings

This isn't so much a cheat code for Dungeon Siege as it is a user preference option. You can use "+rings" or "-rings" to turn on or off the selection rings.

This can be very useful if you get annoyed easily or if you just want to get a better look at the stunning artwork.

If you are new to the game, then I recommend not using this cheat code because it can make playing Dungeon Siege a bit difficult to manage. Afterall the designers designed the user interface to make the game as easily playable as possible.

If you are really looking to customize your game play experience keep in mind the +gui and -gui codes as well. Combined these codes will allow you to pretty much play the game with nothing on the screen except your character, which can be kind of cool. The only problem is that if you don't know your shortcut key it can get to be a problem. Also if you have a large party of characters you can forget who is selected and who is not etc. Keep these details in mind before you start fiddling too much with the interface.

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Dungeon Siege 2 Cheat list

Quick List of Cheats for Dungeon Siege 2

Invincibility ... +drlife
Instant kill ... +quwhba
Teleport ... +bushsux-oluaowr
Silver ring ... +iraqsux-eszaryz
Moreitems ... +luvtana-aeviyaa
Ring of knowledge ... +opnauticus
Less chunky ... +krisrox-lzjlcoj
More chunky ... +superchunky
Record a movie ... +movie
Display version ... +version


Dungeon Siege Cheats +checksinthemail

Every Dungeon Siege cheat code has the potential to really ruin your game play experience, but this one really can make the game pointless in a hurry. Getting a ton of gold quickly is one way of making your character far more powerful than she should be. On the other hand it can be an easy way of getting an item that you need pretty badly in order to keep playing.

I can't say that I recommend using it unless you have already beaten the game, in which case go ahead - you've already been there and done that. Using cheat codes to help find all the little nooks and crannies of a game - especially one as deep as Dungeon Siege is a perfectly fine use for them and one that I think ultimately brings more enjoyment and value to the experience.

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Dungeon Siege 2 - Invincibility

Tired of getting hacked to pieces? Just want to run through the game unhindered.

Then activate your game console and type in "+drlife"

No more worrying what the bad guy is going to do because whatever it is won't hurt you.

This cheat only works for dungeon siege 2.


Dungeon Siege Hint - Using Regenerating Monsters

This is a hint, not a cheat per se. So if you have some moral compunction against typing in a cheat code or if doing so ruins the fun for you, then this is a hint that can get you some experience and money for your Dungeon Siege party.

The concept is pretty simple, find a regenerating monster and make many kills.

The first best place to do this is in the eastern swamp. There are summoners out there, and yes you do get XP for killing each summoned creature. Set yourself at a safe distance, set the skill that you want to train, and watch the experience points roll in.

Now remember that as you get higher in level it requires more XP to advance, and as you become more powerful you get less XP for killing weaker monsters so this method has significantly diminishing returns.

On the other hand it will get you a strong leg up if you are willing to put in the time. It also has the added benefit of item drops from the kills so it is possible to get in some extra gold.

For myself I also use this method to round out a character's stats if I am going for a specific build like melee fighter/nature mage or whatever it happens to be.

Be forewarned this can take quite a bit of time.

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Screen Cap


Dungeon Siege Hint: Free XP

Dungeon Siege, like other click based skill builders in the past has one flaw that can be exploited by the savvy (or determined) gamer. That is repeatedly spamming a skill use will build that skill.

For the purposes of Dungeon Siege, however, this really only applies to magic. You don't get XP for repeatedly shooting your bow or swinging your sword at nothing. Also you can firebolt the wall all you want but it will do nothing for you. The key is finding an activity that builds skill experience and spam it to death.

So, which activities do that? Casting beneficial spells does this. Armor spells, healing spells, etc. Any sort of protective spell will do.

Which are the best? Why healing spells of course. You get XP in relation to the amount healed. So ideally if you can find a spell that causes you damage (such as from certain combat magic spells) and run it in combination with a spell that heals you (such as from certain nature magic spells) you could in theory raise your combat/nature magic skills fairly quickly.

Does this theory work? Yes it does. The only drawback is mana. You will need mana potions, but those are relatively inexpensive.

This process does take time, but it isn't "cheating."


Nearly Useless Dungeon Siege Cheat Code +faertehbadgar

Yes this is a nearly useless code. Getting all the newbie gear pretty much seems like a waste of time. There is one use for it, however, and that is to be able to....

Nope, I'm not giving it away. There is in fact a secret use for the gear but I'm going to make you poke around on the internet some more before you can figure it out (though I have a sneaking suspicion that you already have). In any event this is, in my opinion the single most valuable cheat code that Dungeon Siege has to offer because it actually does something useful without spoiling the game.

Most other cheat codes are just there for fluff or else give your character powers that end up ruining the experience, but this one can actually be very, very useful, and it in no way undermines the game play experience.

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Dungeon Siege Cheat +maxjooky

Here is another plain old fun cheat code for Dungeon Siege. This one won't help you win the game, in fact it can make it a bit tougher to play, but it is still pretty cool. It makes you super big which is kind of fun.

You get to walk around the world like some kind of giant - like Gulliver with the liliputians.

Like any cheat code this will make your Dungeon Siege experience very different and may not be so much fun after a while. I would recommend trying it only after you have already gone through the entire game on your own or with the help of a walkthrough. Then you will have experienced what the game has to offer and will appreciate more fully the cheat codes.

For a full list of cheats see Dungeon Siege Cheats page.
Here you can find links to Dungeon Siege Walkthroughs.