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Dungeon Siege Hint: Free XP

Dungeon Siege, like other click based skill builders in the past has one flaw that can be exploited by the savvy (or determined) gamer. That is repeatedly spamming a skill use will build that skill.

For the purposes of Dungeon Siege, however, this really only applies to magic. You don't get XP for repeatedly shooting your bow or swinging your sword at nothing. Also you can firebolt the wall all you want but it will do nothing for you. The key is finding an activity that builds skill experience and spam it to death.

So, which activities do that? Casting beneficial spells does this. Armor spells, healing spells, etc. Any sort of protective spell will do.

Which are the best? Why healing spells of course. You get XP in relation to the amount healed. So ideally if you can find a spell that causes you damage (such as from certain combat magic spells) and run it in combination with a spell that heals you (such as from certain nature magic spells) you could in theory raise your combat/nature magic skills fairly quickly.

Does this theory work? Yes it does. The only drawback is mana. You will need mana potions, but those are relatively inexpensive.

This process does take time, but it isn't "cheating."

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