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Dungeon Siege Cheats - Console Commands

These Dungeon Siege cheats are used during game play from the console. Press enter to activate the dialogue mode and then enter + and the code. To disable a Dungeon Siege cheat code press enter to activate the console and enter - and the code.

These Dungeon Siege cheats are given out with the understanding that if they screw up your game it is your own fault so don't whine to me when the fun stops.

sixdemonbag 150 more demons
checksinthemail 999999 gold
chunkey Always chunky
maxjooky Big character
superchunky Chunk factor
shootall Clicks not required
version Display game version
mouse Enable mouse
rings Enable selection rings
zool Invincibility
drdeath Maximum damage
movie Record a movie
loefervision Remove fog of war
xrayvision Remove textures
minjooky Small character
faertehbadgar Full set of badger weapons, armor, items
sniper 100 meter range for all bows
potionaholic 3 Super Health and 3 Super Mana potions
resizelabels Slightly larger labels over head; only if character labels are active

Other Dungeon Siege cheats:

Code: -gui/+gui will turn off all the extra crap on the screen that gets in the way of game play.

You can also do a variety of other nifty tricks with Dungeon Siege by using these command line options:

Windowed mode: fullscreen=false
Bypass Inro: intro=false

If you don't know how to do command line options then buy windows for dummies.

Those are all the Dungeon Siege cheats that I am aware of. If you find more, post them here.


  1. Anonymous11.10.12

    thank you 4 the cheats

  2. Anonymous17.10.14

    How to create this console ?????????