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Dungeon Siege Hint - Using Regenerating Monsters

This is a hint, not a cheat per se. So if you have some moral compunction against typing in a cheat code or if doing so ruins the fun for you, then this is a hint that can get you some experience and money for your Dungeon Siege party.

The concept is pretty simple, find a regenerating monster and make many kills.

The first best place to do this is in the eastern swamp. There are summoners out there, and yes you do get XP for killing each summoned creature. Set yourself at a safe distance, set the skill that you want to train, and watch the experience points roll in.

Now remember that as you get higher in level it requires more XP to advance, and as you become more powerful you get less XP for killing weaker monsters so this method has significantly diminishing returns.

On the other hand it will get you a strong leg up if you are willing to put in the time. It also has the added benefit of item drops from the kills so it is possible to get in some extra gold.

For myself I also use this method to round out a character's stats if I am going for a specific build like melee fighter/nature mage or whatever it happens to be.

Be forewarned this can take quite a bit of time.

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  1. Seems like this strategy would take a long time.